AM Newscall April 1

Tonight, the Investigation Discovery show “Web of Lies” will feature the story of the kidnapping, murder, and arrest of 12-year-old Justin Bloxom’s killer. Eric Gill has more…

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A proposal designed to control the cost of TOPS will be promoted an 11:00 press conference today. Scott Carwile has more…

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An $8,500 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person who shot a bald eagle in Caddo Parish. Jeff Palermo has more…

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Tonight, Investigation Discovery’s documentary style show “Web of Lies” will feature the story of the kidnapping, murder, and arrest of 12-year-old Justin Bloxom’s killer. Bloxom’s body was found in a shallow pool of water in Stonewall in March of 2010. DeSoto Parish Sheriff Rodney Arbuckle says the show can bring to light how vulnerable our children are and how predators operate…

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Brian Horn, a previously convicted sex offender, was sentenced to death for Justin’s murder last year. Horn lured Bloxom to his death with fake text messages, pretending to be a girl from his school. Arbuckle says Justin’s story should be a reminder to parents to keep up with what their kids are doing…

Cut 5  (09)  “on with them”

Amy Bloxom Fletcher, Justin’s mom, agreed to share the story to remind people about the dangers children can face from predators through social media and texting. Several people involved in the case were interviewed for the show. Arbuckle says he supports the program airing tonight at 9…

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Mandeville Senator Jack Donahue files legislation that he says will control the cost of the TOPS scholarship program. Donahue says under his bill a baseline would be set on how much a student receives for tuition and that dollar amount will not go up in future years, unless the legislature votes to change it

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Every year the cost of the TOPS program for the state grows by the millions, because of rising tuition costs at public colleges. Donahue under his bill the TOPS award stays the same for a student through their college career, even if tuition goes up

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Higher education officials and the Taylor Foundation, which started the TOPS program, will promote Donahue’s bill at an 11 o’ clock press conference today in Baton Rouge. Donahue says there’s support for each TOPS recipient receiving the same amount of money, regardless if tuition is up from the year before

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It’s the peak of crawfish harvest season and the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s office is increasing patrols around crawfish ponds to deter thieves from stealing crawfish. Lt. Clay Higgins says deputies have been guarding ponds annually since 2011…

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Higgins says the sheriff’s office is determined to protect the crop for the parish’s crawfish farmers. He says officers often are waiting in the dark, blacked out in their patrol unit, watching for any suspicious activity. Higgins says if you steal just $300 in crawfish, that’s a felony and the penalty is very stiff…

cut 11 (04) “hard labor”

He says a thief could get two years of hard labor for stealing just a few sacks of crawfish. Higgins says these additional patrols have been very successful in keeping the number of crawfish thefts down…

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Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Bel Edwards, blames republican candidate Scott Angelle for helping to create the state’s one-point-six billion dollar budget deficit. Angelle is currently a Public Service Commissioner, but he previously served in Bobby Jindal’s administration. Edwards made the swipe at Angelle during a governor’s forum in Baton Rouge

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During Angelle’s opening statement, he said his door would be open to solutions from anyone when it comes to the state’s budget problems

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Governor Bobby Jindal is using the Americans for Tax Reform and it’s “no tax” pledge to develop solutions for the state’s current budget woes, but Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne says the answer to Louisiana’s problems are not in Washington D-C

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The candidates appeared at a lunchtime forum that was put together by Louisiana’s small business community. Republican Senator David Vitter expressed his strong opposition to Jindal’s plan to scale back the state’s inventory tax credit as a way to raise revenues for state government

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