LRN AM Newscall, March 1, 2016

More potential budget cuts to higher education could mean lower enrollment numbers at LSU. Halen Doughty reports…

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Governor John Bel Edwards announces this week is Severe Weather Awareness Week to get the public to create a game plan for emergencies. Emelie Gunn has more…

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A Baton Rouge lawmaker has filed a bill for the regular session that will prevent new students from participating in the state’s voucher program. Jeff Palermo has more..

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Discussion about deep budget cuts to higher education could mean fewer students at LSU. The TOPS Scholarship Program is only funded at 25% for the next school year. Without TOPS, many students may have to rethink their education plans. LSU President F. King Alexander is concerned about enrollment numbers dropping because of budget concerns in Louisiana.

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Alexander stands by comments that LSU football is at risk. He says unless enough revenue is raised, they may have to close summer school and only about half of the athletes will be eligible to play in the fall.  He says unfortunately LSU’s budget problems is impacting recruiting…

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Alexander says if LSU is expected to win on the football field, they should be expected to win in the classroom too. But he says the university needs the necessary funding to do that. He says LSU ranks 46th in the nation for how much they invest in each student.

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Today is Super Tuesday, so will Louisiana’s presidential primary still matter on Saturday, March 5th? Pollster John Couvillon of JMC Analytics says Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton are in a strong position to receive their party’s nomination as people in 12 states will vote today. Couvillon says it’s possible the democratic nomination will be sewn up after tonight.

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Couvillon says Louisiana will still get attention after Super Tuesday. He says Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio will still be contenders in the race…

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Couvillion says because of the closed party primary vote in Louisiana, in which Republicans can only vote for Republicans, Trump is not a slam dunk to win Louisiana…

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Governor John Bel Edwards declares this week as Severe Weather Awareness Week in an effort to get families to create a game plan in the event of an emergency. Chris Guilbeau, Deputy Director with the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, says this comes at a good time as 13 confirmed tornadoes touched down last week…

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Guilbeau says making a checklist and packing an emergency kit full of supplies like batteries and a flashlight are all parts of creating a game plan. He says always monitor radio and television stations giving current updates and keep an eye out for warnings…

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 Guilbeau says visit get-a-game-plan-dot-org ( for more tips on how residents can protect themselves during severe weather. He says they’ve also developed a smartphone app, called Alert FM, so people can receive digital alerts.

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A bill has been filed for the regular session calling for a freeze on the state voucher program, which allows students in public schools with a C, D or F rating to attend private schools at the state’s expense. Baton Rouge Representative Patricia Smith says the program is costing public schools money at a time when the state can’t afford it.

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There are currently just over seven thousand students with vouchers in Louisiana. Smith says legislators need to resolve the budget crisis before expanding the program.

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A recent study by Tulane University shows that students in the voucher program did not perform as well in math. Smith says the program needs to be reevaluated.

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The Saints have released Marques Colston their alltime leading receiver. Colston was a consistent performer for the Black and Gold during his 10 seasons in New Orleans. He caught 72 touchdown passes and had over 97-hundred receiving yards. NFL analyst Mike Detillier says it will be difficult for the Saints to replace his production…

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Detillier says Colston goes down as the Saints best receiver in the franchise’s history…

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Detillier says Colston will be tough to replace, but he advises against the Saints using an early draft pick to find his replacement…

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