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Cut 1 (33)  “…I’m Brooke Thorington.” 



Cut 2 (31)  “….I’m Teiko Foxx.”  



Cut 3 (08) “…attacking Republicans”


Cut 4 (12)  “…John Bel Edwards” 


Cut 5 (08) “…they would avoid”



Cut 6 (07)  “…raising money.” 


Cut 7 (11)  “…right now.” 


Cut 8 (09)  “…New Orleans.” 



The Louisiana Cancer Research Center is holding a Promising Practices Conference at Louisiana Tech University today to discuss statewide efforts to rid Louisiana of the moniker “Cancer Alley.” moniker. Director of the Office of Community Outreach with the LCRC Earl Benjamin-Robinson says the public is asked to share their experiences.

Cut 9 (11) “…going on.”

Benjamin- Robinson says it’s about bringing the community, healthcare providers, and researchers together for fellowship.

Cut 10 (09) “…those areas.”

And while registration to attend the conference in person is full, Benjamin-Robinson says there is an online version of the event the public can access under the events tab at LouisianaCancerCenter-dot-org. The event is to raise awareness of the LCRC.

Cut 11 (11)  “…the state”




Cut 12 (13) “…52 percent.” 


Cut 13 (09) “…and Republicans” 


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Cut 15 (13) “…the season”

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