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The US Supreme Court reversal on abortion is an emotional one on both sides of the issue. Brooke Thorington has more on ruling the closer to home.

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LSU women’s basketball has received a verbal commitment from the top player in the nation. David Grubb has more…

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Abortions are now illegal in Louisiana as a result of the U-S Supreme Court’s historic decision that overturned the Roe versus Wade ruling made nearly 50 years ago that guaranteed a women’s right to terminate their pregnancies. USA Today Network reporter Greg Hilburn says the governor recently signed a law that would ban abortions in this state if the nation’s highest court struck down Roe v Wade….

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Hilburn says the only real exception is to save the life of the pregnant woman

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Other exceptions include if its ectopic pregnancy or if the child can not live outside the womb.

Hilburn says doctors or others who assist in an abortion face up to 10 years in prison and if it’s a late term abortion the sentence could be as much as 15 years…

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Today’s reversal of Roe v Wade is an emotional one for both sides of the abortion issue.  President of the Louisiana Family Forum, and pro-life advocate Gene Mills says Louisianan’s trigger laws essentially closes the state’s three abortion clinics.

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New Orleans Representative Aimee Freeman who is pro-choice, says the ruling is a major setback for women’s rights and will have devastating consequences.

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Recent legislation passed in Louisiana can hold a physician liable should they assist a woman with miscarriage and Freeman fears this will keep some medical providers from treating some women out of fear of criminal charges.

While abortion rights activists say the ruling reduces women’s options when it comes to their health and future, Mills however feels differently.

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Freeman says she worries for the future of her two daughters and recalls stories her mother shared with her before abortion was legalized in the US.

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Due to trigger laws in 26 states, today ruling effectively outlaws abortions in half of the country.


LSU President William Tate is touting a 27-million dollar donation from Shell USA, the largest gift from a for-profit partner in the university’s history. Tate says the funds will establish the LSU Institute for Energy Innovation, dedicated to advancing reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsible energy.

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Tate says Shell is the founding partner of the LSU Institute for Energy Innovation and that its commitment extends beyond the scientific mission of the institute and into the growth of Louisiana’s workforce as well.

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Tate shared much of the credit for the partnership coming together with leaders in the state legislature, which allocated funds for the Pentagon initiatives during the session. He says that commitment made LSU more attractive to corporate entities like Shell and believes this merging of scholarship and workforce development is the first of many as other companies realize the university’s potential.

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Louisiana is in an early summer heat wave of record proportions. Weather stations across the state report record-setting and record-breaking high temperatures. State Climatologist Barry Keim says scorching weather is here for the next few days, at least…:

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Keim says warm, moist air from the Gulf is colliding with hot, dry air over Louisiana; a combination that means clear skies and unrelenting sun…:

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Many parts of Louisiana are in drought conditions and several parishes have enacted outdoor burn bans because of it. Keim says, not to worry, the parching heat can’t go on forever…:

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