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Cut 1 (34) “…I’m Brooke Thorington.”



Cut 2 (27)…I’m Jeff Palermo”  


Firefighters say four people were killed in an overnight house fire in Slidell’s Eden Isles subdivision. The fire was first reported around 1:30 in the morning and extinguished around 6 AM.  Slidell Fire Chief Chris Kaufmann.

Cut 3 (08) “…were children.”

Three victims were found on the second floor of the home and the fourth on the first floor. One was pronounced dead on the scene and the other three at a local hospital.

Kaufmann says they found a smoke detector that was not functioning in the home and reinforced the message that smoke detectors are critical in warning people to get out of a building in time.

Cut 4 (11) “…save lives.”


Cut 5 (11) “…two-thirds of the time.”

An investigation into a cause is underway.



 Cut 6 (12) “…just like me” 


Cut 7 (07) “…the race.” 


Cut 8 (10) “…in Lousiana”  



Cut 9 (06) “…demonic”


Cut 10 (12)  “….of this” 


Cut  11 (11)  “…too late.”



Cut 12 (11) “…more information”  


Cut 13 (11) “…the week.”

Cut 14 (10)  “…when driving.” 



Cut 15 (07) “…died a day later.” 


Cut  16 (12) “…if we lose that.”