8:30 LRN Newscast October 1

A Denham Springs man is facing multiple sex crimes after he traveled from his home in Louisiana to have sex with an underage girl in Spring Hill, Florida. Hernando County Sheriff Detective Tom Cameron says 36-year-old Johnathan Lee Rossmoine actually lived in the girl’s closet for the last five weeks and the victim’s parents did not know…
cut 14 (10) “…of the closet”
Rossmoine was found when the victim’s mother saw something move in her daughter’s bedroom closet.

A House committee will take up a bill today by an Oil City Republican that aims to block the state from criminally charging a person for holding a religious service during a declared emergency. Representative Danny McCormick says the decision to close churches during the early stages of the pandemic was unconstitutional…
cut 10 (3) “…constitution”
Under current Phase 3 coroanvirus restrictions, maximum building capacity for places of worship is limited to 75-percent.

Relief groups in southwest Louisiana still need donations to help hurricane victims get back into livable housing. Matt Doyle spoke to one group trying to make that happen…
Cut 2 (31) “…I’m Matt Doyle”

The National Hurricane Center says there’s a high chance a tropical wave over the west-central Caribbean Sea will develop into a tropical depression in the Caribbean or possibly in the south-central-Gulf of Mexico over the next five days. This system would be named gamma if it strengthens into a tropical storm.