6:30 LRN Newscast October 1

Today, a House committee will consider Senate approved legislation that would require the Governor to consult with a ten-member legislative committee before extending an emergency order beyond 30 days. Covington Senator Patrick McMath says it gives lawmakers a seat at the table.
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The bill won unanimous approval in the Upper Chamber.

A Denham Springs man is in a Florida jail after he was allegedly caught hiding in a teenager’s closet at her home in Hernando County. Authorities believe the victim and suspect met in a chatting app two years ago and 36-year-old Johnathan Lee Rossmoine drove to her house on multiple occasions to have sex with her. Detective Tom Cameron says the victim is receiving counseling…
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The pace of new donations to Hurricane Laura relief is slowing down, but advocates on the ground say more assistance is still badly needed. Community Foundation of Lake Charles CEO Sara Judson says their organization has raised six million dollars so far with that money focused on efforts to get people back into housing.
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An estimated 12 to 14 billion dollars in damage was done to the region as a result of Laura’s landfall. If you would like to donate go to help-s-w-l-a-dot-org.