AM Newscall 07/29/2020

Four businesses have seen their bar permits suspended after failing multiple compliance checks. Kevin Barnhart has the story.

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The 600-dollar a week federal unemployment benefits are coming to an end Friday. Matt Doyle spoke with the Louisiana Workforce Commission about what that means for those without a job…

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The Department of Revenue is still accepting applications from frontline workers to receive $250 Hazard Paychecks. Brooke Thorington has more.

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Republicans introduced their opening offer for the next round of COVID economic stimulus, a trillion-dollar plan that reduces federal enhanced unemployment and issues another stimulus check.

Federal unemployment beneficiaries have been receiving 600 dollars a week, under the GOP plan that number would drop to 200-bucks. Senator Bill Cassidy says that number would be revisited soon.

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House Democrats back the three trillion dollar HEROES Act, which  would extend the current 600 dollars a week benefits through the end of the year.

Cassidy says in the Senate GOP proposal the business aid is more targeted this time, with specific language aimed at helping out struggling sit-down restaurants.

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Cassidy says the GOP offer also includes new funding for testing, COVID research, and school safety.

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The stimulus check would be another 1,200 dollar offer that would be administered based on the same guidelines as the first stimulus check.


Louisiana is ranked number one in per capita COVID-19 cases.  Governor John Bel Edwards says it has been clear the state’s trajectory in new COVID cases was going to land the state the distinction if things didn’t improve.

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Edwards says there are metrics that are showing a move toward flattening the curve again.  Tuesday’s numbers showed a daily percentage of positive tests to be below 7 percent.  The additional restrictions of mask mandates and bar closures have been in place for about two weeks.  Edwards says it is never easy putting restrictions on any business.

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State Fire Marshal Butch Browning says his office has conducted over 5,000 compliance checks on businesses since the beginning of Phase Two and most usually come into compliance after one visit.

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Browning says despite the multiple chances to come into compliance, four business have had bar permits suspended including Sand Dollar Tiki Bar in Grand Isle, Frosty Factory in Lake Charles, Pelican Pub in Gonzales, and Wo-de’s Chill Spot in Harvey.

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Hearings are scheduled for August 5 and 6 which could result in a suspension period of up to 30 days.


The last 600-dollar weekly enhanced unemployment benefits are being sent out Friday, and the Louisiana Workforce Commission is encouraging those set to miss out to apply for a new job on the LWC website. Secretary Ava Dejoie says there’s something for everyone right now.

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Congress is currently debating whether to renew the benefits. Republicans are seeking to reduce it to 200 dollars a week, Democrats want to extend the 600 for the rest of the year. Governor Edwards has requested the Congressional Delegation back a full extension.

Dejoie says you may be unemployed now but this could be an opportunity to advance your career.

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Unless the feds renew the enhanced benefits people receiving state unemployment will be capped at 247 dollars a week, and those receiving PUA assistance will be capped at 107 dollars a week.

Dejoie recommends putting in your application now before everyone else on unemployment starts applying as well.

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Those looking for a job should visit


The Louisiana Department of Revenue is busy reviewing applications and prepping to send out the first $250 frontline worker checks this week. Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Revenue Kimberly Robinson says if you are eligible you should still apply.

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A variety of workers are eligible, for example, grocery clerks, garbage collectors, and healthcare workers, people who worked during the stay at home order and make less than $50-thousand a year.

Robinson says the first round of checks is being processed.

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As of Tuesday, the department says they’ve received approximately 205-thousand applications for the Hazard Pay Rebate.

Robinson says if you did not receive a receipt of your application contact the department.

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Funds are being distributed on a come first serve basis and applications are being accepted until October 31st. For more info go to