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The country’s second biggest teacher’s union threatens to back strikes in areas that are not doing enough to ensure school safety for teachers and students. That came from the American Federation of Teachers and their Louisiana Chapter President Larry Carter says in hotspots across Louisiana union members are actively discussing that as an option of last resort.


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The AFT earlier this month adopted a resolution backing the reopening of schools only in areas where the positivity rate for tests was under five percent. Over the past few weeks, the rate has hovered around ten percent but has recently dropped under eight percent.

The state reports 1125 cases today, the lowest new daily case count in three weeks, but Governor Edwards announces the state is now number one in per capita new cases though, even with today’s low count.

Calcasieu Parish Sheriff deputies have charged two teens with the murder of a 53-year-old Lake Charles man found lying in the road last week. Sheriff Tony Mancuso says the kids did the murder with a weapon stolen right down the street from the shooting, and he’s asking area parents to keep better track of what their kids are up to…

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A 16-year-old and a 13-year-old have been charged in Bennet’s murder which happened at around 11:00 last Thursday night.

In an effort to stop runaway youth COVID transmission, the governor’s office releases a PSA featuring half a dozen young people describing the serious symptoms they had as a result of COVID-19. Those in the video discussed some of the misconceptions about how youth are allegedly “unaffected” by the virus.

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