10:30 AM Newscast

Businesses with fewer than 50 employees can now apply for grant money through the Main Street Recovery Program. Eligible businesses can receive up to 15-thousand dollars in no-strings-attached cash. State Treasurer John Schroder says this is different from the PPP Loans handed out by the feds earlier in the pandemic…
Cut 8 (10) “…that back”
Applicants can be completed at Louisiana-main-street-dot-com.

The governor’s office is celebrating a big economic development win as education software company SchoolMint announces it’s moving its headquarters from San Francisco to Lafayette. Governor John Bel Edwards says this is further evidence of the state’s economic growth for the 21st century.

Cut 13 (12) “…ecosystem for Louisiana.” 

SchoolMint’s decision will result in nearly 400 new jobs in the Lafayette area.

Imperial Health Urgent Care Center in Calcasieu Parish is the only healthcare facility in the state participating in a nationwide clinical trial for an experimental new COVID treatment. Doctor Jason Morris says they are working with a pharmaceutical company to see if monoclonal antibodies can kill the virus in an infected patient. Morris says if you go to an urgent care facility with COVID-like symptoms you’ll be given a quick test and if positive asked to join the trial. If you do…

Cut 10 (07) “…paitent.”

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association says a rise in chronic conditions is putting more Louisiannians at risk for colorectal cancer. Doctor Jeremy Wigginton says early detection is key, and many times during colonoscopies, preventative measures can be taken during the screening.

Cut 6 (13) “…even becomes cancer.”