8:30 LRN Newscast July 27

If you feel a law enforcement officer treated you unfairly based on your race, the ACLU would like to hear from you. Matt Doyle has more…
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An arrest warrant has been issued for a Monroe Police officer accused of excessive force during the arrest of 40-year-old Timothy Williams on April 21st. Williams says he was punched and kicked by two officers while he was in handcuffs. The city of Monroe say the two arresting officers are on administrative leave and an arrest warrant has been issued for one of the arresting officers.

We’re 40 days away from the first full Saturday of college football games and there’s doubt the season will start on time. College football insider Brett McMurphy says there’s a concern for community spread when students return to campus…
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The SEC presidents and atheltic directors are expected to meet several times this week and the planning talks are expected to stretch into the first week of August.

A study from the career website Zippia polled 2,000 people nationwide to find out how likable their bosses are and the top things they hate about their bosses. Head of content at Zippia Kathy Morris says in Louisiana, 18-percent of workers disliked their boss.
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Nationally, the most disliked traits about bosses were micromanaging, never being available, and incompetence.