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The state’s case count is rapidly growing and Governor Edwards says we cannot afford to have a holiday weekend like we did during Memorial Day. Edwards calls on residents to stay home for the holiday, and if you must go out to avoid walking into any crowds.

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New data from a study of residents in Jefferson and Orleans Parish indicates the virus is more deadly than previously thought, and that asymptomatic carrier of COVID are more infectious than previously thought.

If you do buy some fireworks for home use Fire Marshal’s spokesperson Ashley Rodrigue asks you to spray down and deposit any spent fireworks away from your home.

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Zion’s legendary 19 game tear to start his career wins him the honor of gracing the front of the next-gen console edition of 2k21. But the sensation will get a chance to continue his rookie legacy in Orlando July 30th with a restart of the season against the Jazz. Zion says he feels fortunate to be able to not see his rookie season come to an abrupt end due to COVID-19 and feels confident in the NBA’s handling of the situation.

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Home pool installation is getting popular as folks seek to socially distance and avoid community pools. Chief of the CDC’s Healthy Swimming Programming Michele Hlavsa (Waav saa) says the good news about a home pool is that chlorine kills coronavirus, so it can’t spread through water, but there are germs that can be spread in the water if the chlorine is not properly maintained.

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