5:30 LRN Newscast July 2

Governor Edwards continues to stress the importance of wearing masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and says government officials are stepping up enforcement of mask use and other mitigation efforts at businesses but calls on the public to do their part in not going to those businesses.

Cut 14 (12) “…whatever is required.”

Edwards says mask usage is vital to moving Louisiana forward

The Louisiana Dept. of Health reported 1,383 more COVID-19 cases today, this is the third day in a row reported cases are over a thousand.  17 more deaths and 41 more hospitalizations were added to the state’s total today. There were 15-thousand more tests reported to the state Thursday and out of those tests approximately 9-percent were positive.

Looking back on the special session, House Republican Caucus Chairman Blake Miguez feels there are plenty of accomplishments to be proud of.  Miguez says they are proud of the use of CARES Act funding and that the proper first steps have been taken in lowering auto insurance rates.

Cut 3 (11) ”…we did that.”  

TV viewers who use the antenna in certain parts of the state will need to rescan their television sets so they will we able to receive local channels. FCC Chair Jean Kiddo explains why.

Cut 10 (10) “…consumers.”

TV consumers who use the antenna in Shreveport and Monroe will need to rescan their TV sets so they can receive all their local channels. If you have cable or satellite you do not have to do anything.