8:30 A.M. LRN Newscast 07/02/2020

State Treasurer John Schroder announces that small businesses can begin applying for $275-million dollars’ worth of grants to supplement losses from COVD-19 towards the end of the month. Eligible businesses can receive up 15-thousand dollars.
Of the state’s 450-thousand small businesses, approximately 15 percent have received federal funding. Schroder says businesses that have not received any federal funds receive priority for the first 21 days. Then other small businesses will be considered.
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State Health Officer Dr. Jimmy Guidry calls a pop theory advocating for the purposeful COVID infection of people under the guise of creating herd immunity a “myth”.
To obtain herd immunity a population would need 60 percent immunity. Even in New York City, the worst single epicenter in the country, herd immunity is believed to be under 20 percent.
Guidry says the theory is also based on a faulty assumption that you cannot get infected more than once.
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With the national spotlight on policing, 18 private law firms have teamed up with the ACLU of Louisiana in a litigation campaign to challenge discriminatory practices. Kevin Barnhart has the story.
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If you’re headed down to the capital city this weekend be advised that starting Friday anyone who is seen in East Baton Rouge Parish will be required to have a face covering on. Mayor/President Sharon Broome signed an executive order that goes into place at noon tomorrow. The cities of Zachary, Baker, & Central declined to participate. Violators face up to a $200 dollar fine.