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The Central Police Department warns their phone lines are clogged with out of state callers protesting the house arrest of Life Tabernacle Church Pastor Tony Spell. Spell’s mother admits to organizing the campaign on Facebook. Police Chief Roger Corcoran says it’s a dangerous stunt.

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Spell was arrested last week for allegedly trying to hit an anti-Spell protestor with a church bus and violating the ban on mass gatherings.

Some analysts believe the state government could face a five percent drop in revenue next fiscal year due to the oil crisis and COVID shutdown. House Appropriations Chairman Jerome Zeringue says that could be an issue in crafting a new budget, but some federal assistance may soften the blow.

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Shopping malls face a major hurdle in resurgence following the coronavirus pandemic.

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Attorney General Jeff Landry sends a letter to the Governor urging him to allow for the reopening of churches and other houses of worship currently closed under the stay at home order. Landry wrote “As other states begin reopening and unrest in the Legislature continues, I believe many faith-based congregations will begin to meet with or without guidance,” and offered a set of guidelines for reopening those facilities.