10:30 AM Newscast

Early estimates show the state budget for the next fiscal year will likely have a hefty shortfall due to the COVID shutdown and the collapse of oil prices. House Appropriations Chairman Jerome Zeringue says that equates to about a 500 million dollar budget shortfall, but at least this year’s budget shouldn’t be impacted.

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The Revenue Estimating Conference is scheduled to meet in mid-May which will direct lawmakers on how much they’ll need to cut to pass a balanced budget for the fiscal year that begins to July.
The road to recovery for Baton Rouge Police Cpl. Derrick Maglone continues. Maglone was wounded in a shootout over the weekend that left another officer dead.  Former State Police Superintendent Mike Edmonson is Maglone’s uncle and says Maglone is able speak in short sentences.

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Governor Edwards is expected to provide additional guidance today ahead of tomorrow’s order allowing customers to eat take out outside of restaurants. Louisiana Restaurant Association President Stan Harris says this hasn’t been the most cohesive launch of guidelines he’s seen, and some important questions still need to be answered.
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Harris says most of the communication on this order his members have had so far has been with local officials.

Shopping malls have already had a tough time competing with e-commerce, but following the pandemic, the challenge of retaining a customer base will likely grow even more.  LSU marketing professor Dan Rice says the challenges faced by malls depends on the variety of mall structures, with enclosed malls being the most at-risk for permanent closure.

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