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Budget analysts suggest Louisiana could faces at least five percent reduction in state revenue for the next fiscal year. Matt Doyle has more.
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There are at least four companies within the Louisiana oil and gas industry that have begun the process of laying off workers. Turner Industries is set to lay off 350 workers at three pipe fabrication facilities in Port Allen. Cactus Wellhead has laid off 42 workers at its office in Bossier City.

Many restaurants are preparing for the opportunity to have customers eat at their outdoor seating area. Louisiana Restaurant Association President Stan Harris says the restaurant industry is taking heavy losses and any chance to offer more services is appreciated.
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Harris says only about four percent of restaurants in Louisiana have patio dining.

Shopping malls already had a tough time competing with e-commerce, but following the pandemic, the challenge of retaining a customer base is daunting. LSU marketing professor Dan Rice says several factors will contribute to how much of a hurdle malls face.
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Governor Edwards says malls can be open for curbside pickup service beginning Friday.