4:45 LRN Sportscast

ESPN has learned that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is not taking a salary during the coronavirus pandemic. That’s according to an email sent by Steelers owner Art Rooney the Second to the other owners. Other top executives are taking a pay cut between 5 to 15-percent. Some workers in the league office are also being furloughed.

New Saints Quarterback Jameis Winston is taking a pay cut to play for the Black and Gold. Last year the former number one pick made 21-million dollars with the Buccaneers. But Winston’s one-year deal with the Saints will reportedly pay him one-point-one million dollars, but he can make three-point-four million dollars if he reaches certain incentives. Winston said in a Zoom call with reporters today that he’s excited to have the opportunity to learn from a Hall of Fame quarterback, instead of trying to learn by himself or using Google.

Amazon has renewed its streaming deal for Thursday night football games through 2022. Part of the deal gives exclusive rights for Amazon to air a late regular season game on a Saturday.

The NCAA Announced today that it supports the idea of allowing student athletes to make money from endorsement deals starting with the 2021-22 school year. The exact writing of the rules will be finalized by October 31st and the NCAAs three divisions would then vote by January 31st, 2021. But the proposal says players can not be shown in their uniforms or school markings when endorsing a company or product. Which means there will be no return of the E-A Sports “NCAA Football” video game.

College baseball players anticipating a Major League Baseball draft have been told it will be held in June. There was talk of pushing it back to July. But M-L-B will hold a virtual draft and it might only be five rounds or maybe ten rounds.

For college baseball players looking to make up for lost time this season. The Cape Cod League, which features some of the top college baseball players in the country, will not have a summer season this year, because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s the first time since 1946 that the Cape has not had a season.