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A U-L Lafayette student’s face mask sewing operation is receiving national attention. Kevin Barnhart has more on Sewing with Savoie…

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Legislative committes approve a plan to allow expanded use of mail in ballots for the July and August elections. Matt Doyle has the story.

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A UL Lafayette student’s face mask sewing operation receives the national spotlight from CBS.  Sewing with Savoie founder Christine Savoie says requests for masks have picked up with the CDC now recommending wearing a face covering when in public.

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Savoie says she’s got a tight-knit group of friends helping to contribute to the assembly of hundreds of masks.

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Savoie set up a Facebook page for the operation to help in distributing sewing patterns, take requests, and donations of resources.  Savoie says it has been rewarding seeing the pictures of people wearing some of the different masks she has made.

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A proposal for expanded mail-in ballot voting in the July and August elections clears key Legislative committees.

The legislation expands voting options, doubles the early voting period, and more. Houma Representative Tanner McGee says it’s not perfect but AG Jeff Landry backs the plan.

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The bill also moves voting booths out of nursing homes and funds some preventative measures to limit viral spread at voting locations and will cost about four million dollars.

Passage wasn’t unanimous. In House Governmental Affairs, state representative Rodney Schamerhorn of Vernon Parish says his constituents oppose any election rule changes.

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The vote passed the House committee 11-5.

Democrat Royce Duplessis, a state representative from New Orleans,  ultimately backed the plan but raised concerns to Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin about requiring residents to disclose health conditions to get mail-in ballots, and…

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The proposal will go before the entire House and Senate for approval by mail-in ballot.


According to Gas Buddy, the average price of regular gasoline in Louisiana is $1.64 a gallon and some service stations are selling gas for close to a dollar a gallon. Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan says the average price is down about a nickel from last week.

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There have been some prices as low as $1.05 a gallon in New Orleans.

DeHaan predicts prices could drop another twenty to forty cents a gallon.

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As some states start to lift their stay at home orders and the demand for gas slowly increases, DeHaan says he doesn’t expect to see a big jump in pump prices.

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The Resilient Louisiana Commission began its work today in coming up with recommendations on how the state can jump-start its shuttered economy. Governor Edwards says great ideas are needed from this 18-member panel…

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Edwards says some businesses could re-open on May 1st, if the state sees a downward trajectory in COVID-19 cases, reported flu-like symptoms and hospitalizations. But the governor says life will not return to pre-COVID right away

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Edwards says he plans to announce early next week what restrictions will be in place starting on May 1st.

The commission will examine 15 different sectors of Louisiana’s economy that include energy, manufacturing, health care, tourism, and education and provide the governor with strategies on how they can be more resilient. Edwards gave the panel words of encouragement…

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