8:30 LRN Newscast April 22nd

Governor John Bel Edwards Resilient Louisiana Commission meets for the first time today. The governor formed the task force to assist him in rebuilding the economy once restrictions are lifted on the stay at home order. Edwards says the criteria for reopening remain firm, a measured 14-day period of declining cases, and increased hospital capacity…
cut 11 (06) “….illness”
The governor remains hopeful that restrictions will be loosened on May first.

The U-S Senate has approved a 483-billion dollar coronavirus aid package. 331-billion dollars will fund the Paycheck Protection Program. The small business loan program ran out of money last week. Senator John Kennedy says until businesses re-open, they can’t spend enough to save the economy…
cut 15 (07) “….so can poverty”
The U-S House is expected to vote tomorrow on this latest coronavirus aid package.

Senator Bill Cassidy is pushing for 500-billion dollars in federal aid for state and local governments who are battling the coronavirus and also seeing tax revenues dwindle because of the extended economic shutdown…
CUT 9 (09) “….for lost revenue”
New Orleans, Monroe, Lafayette, and Crowley are among the cities reporting financial difficulties.

LSU’s Pennington Biomedical Research Center is studying lifestyle changes as a result of the COVID-19 restrictions. Researcher Leanne Redman says they are encouraging the public to take their 15-minute online survey that asks participants about work changes, physical activity, diet, sleep, and well-being.
Cut 4 (11)_ “…neighborhoods in general.”
Redman says anyone over the age of 18 can participate in the survey, just go to pbrc.edu/covid19andyou.