10:30 Newscast August 5, 2014

Drivers across the state are now seeing gas prices around $3.30 for a gallon of regular. That’s quite a bit lower from last month. Historically, international political instability has a direct correlation to prices at the pump. American Automobile Association fuel analyst Don Redman says two things in particular kept prices high over the summer…

cut 4 (12) “falling apart of Iraq”

Prices have been dropping at a steady rate of about one cent a day over the last week.

US Senator Mary Landrieu has agreed to participate in four televised debates leading up to the November 4th election. The first debate is scheduled for October 2nd in New Orleans. Other debates will be held in Baton Rouge, Monroe, plus a second debate in New Orleans. Republican candidate Congressman Bill Cassidy has not announced what debates he will attend. Rob Maness, a favorite of the Tea Party, has agreed to the first three and is expected to participate in the fourth, as well.

Over 190 new people have joined a lawsuit designed to stop the implementation of Common Core in Louisiana. There are lawsuits filed on both sides of the issue. Lapolitics-dot-com’s Jeremey Alford says it appears that negotiations have failed…

cut 7 (12) “to the courts”

Alford says we could see some movement with the lawsuits this month.

The Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office says they are investigating an industrial incident where two men got trapped in some equipment which caused extensive damage to their legs. Spokesman Commander Eric Becnel says deputies responded to the scene of the accident at Daybrook Fisheries around 6PM Monday…

cut 9 (08) “raw take”

He says after several hours the men were freed and taken to the hospital with serious leg injuries. The accident remains under investigation.