11:30 AM Newscast

23rd Judicial District Court Judge Jessie LeBlanc has resigned following her admission of her use of the n-word in an angry text message to former Assumption Parish Chief Deputy Bruce Prejean as their extramarital affair ended.  The letter was filled with accusations directed at others in the court system of who knew what and when. Baton Rouge attorney Franz Borghardt says that the letter creates a lot of questions and feels that the letter’s accusations warrant an investigation.

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Covington Senator Patrick McMath introduces this year’s effort to ban all handheld phone use for drivers. Seven states, including Louisiana, have partial bans on handheld use, but McMath says partial bans like ours can be nearly impossible to enforce.

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Coronavirus fears have sent the stock market tumbling, with the Dow Jones dropping 1,100 points yesterday alone, and nearly 12 percent over the past five days. That might have older retirement investors spooked, but Tulane Professor of Finance Peter Ricchiuti says those close to retirement likely have moved more towards bonds, which is paying off right about now…

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Ricchiuti says younger investors should look to take advantage of declining stock prices by boosting contributions to their retirement accounts.
President of the Louisiana Farm Bureau Ronnie Anderson announces he is retiring this summer following 31 years of leadership.  Anderson doesn’t have too many plans laid out to occupy his time, but he knows he’ll be spending more time with family.

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