09:30 LRN Newscast – 02-28-20

23rd Judicial District Court Judge Jessie LeBlanc resigns following her admission of her use of a racial slur in an angry text message to a sheriff’s deputy with whom she was having an affair. In the resignation letter, LeBlanc admitted to the extramarital affair, but says that three members of her bench also knew of that relationship. She also said another judge in her district, Alvin Turner, was made aware in 2017 that his own law clerk allegedly had an affair with the same deputy. Criminal defense attorney Franz Borghardt says he’s not sure that the letter was the proper venue to shed light on those issues…
CUT 05 (09) “cases before him”
Judge Turner says Judge Leblanc is distorting the truth.
He was at one time, one of New Orleans’ most-beloved sportscasters, but Vince Marinello’s 2008 conviction for killing his wife sent him to prison for life. Prison officals in Jackson, LA report Marinello has died of natural causes. Marinello was 82.
A Covington Senator wants to ban drivers from holding their phone. He spoke with Matt Doyle…
CUT 02 (30) Q:…Matt Doyle”
The athletic director of Terrebonne High School, in Houma, has been arrested and charged with multiple counts of having sex with female students under 17. 59-year-old Joseph Clement had been at Terrebonne High for 18 years and police say he’d been taking advantage of students for (quote) “quite some time”. The investigation at the school is ongoing and detectives are looking into allegations possibly involving other faculty members.