06:30 LRN Newscast – 02-28-20

23rd Judicial District Court Judge Jessie LeBlanc resigns in a letter full of accusations about others involved in the court system. Kevin Barnhart has the story…
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The athletic director of Terrebonne High School was arrested Thursday for allegedly having sexual relationships with multiple students. According to Houma Police, 59-year-old Joseph Clement had been at the school 18 years and had engaged in sex with students for “quite some time”.
Covington Senator Patrick McMath introduces this year’s effort to ban all handheld phone use for drivers. McMath says passing the law would save a lot of lives by reducing the number of crashes, and reducing the number of crashes would also save state drivers a lot of money.
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Seven states – including Louisiana – have partial hand-held phone use bans in place, but McMath says they can be nearly impossible to enforce. A similar bill last year cleared the House and Senate, but failed to come out of a compromise committee.
Former New Orleans sportscaster and radio host Vince Marinello has died in prison. Marinello was serving a life sentence for murdering his wife in 2006. Prosecutors showed he took great care in planning the killing, but neglected to get rid of his “to do” list for the day of the act. Marinello was 82.