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Louisiana Congressman Ralph Abraham says he will not seek reelection. The Republican who represents the 5th Congressional district says he’s keeping his promise to only serve three terms. The congressman’s decision comes a few months after his unsuccessful bid for governor. Abraham says his loss in the governor’s race didn’t factor into his decision
U-S Senator John Kennedy is not happy with the lack of answers coming from acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf about the coronavirus outbreak. Kennedy’s frustration grew when Wolf couldn’t say how many respirators and masks are available in the United States or if there’s an estimate on how many cases we might see…
Cut 3 (14)  “…security”  
The tense line of questioning came during a hearing on Homeland Security’s budget.


Governor Edwards calls for the resignation of 23rd Judicial District Judge Jessie LeBlanc following her admission to using racial text messages. Loyola University law professor Dane Ciolino expects the matter to be referred to the Judiciary Commission…
Cut 10 (13) “…onerous as removal.”
LaBlanc’s lawyer Jill Craft released a statement saying her client’s statements were made in a private conversation and in response to a threatening situation.
If victim a of domestic violence fails to appear at court in Louisiana during the filing of a temporary restraining order for any reason the judge could deem it frivolous and charge the victim court cost. In a state that has the second-highest rate of women murdered by men in the nation, Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence Director Mariah Wineski says then the judge could turn around and order the victim to pay court costs.
Cut 8 (11) “…protect them”