AM Newscall 02/25/2020

The winner of the annual King Cake Snob contest is revealed did your favorite top the list? Brooke Thorington has the results.

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The town of Iowa is celebrating Fat Tuesday with its annual Mardi Gras Run.  Kevin Barnhart has the details on this unique event.

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A Baton Rouge woman, 6-months pregnant with twins is one of two people killed in an I-10 crash near Belle Terre in St. John the Baptist Parish.  Kevin Barnhart has the story.

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The votes are  in for the 5th Annual King Cake Snob Competition. This year’s competition saw nearly 2,500 cake reviews from more than 500 different cakes from 170 bakeries across the Bayou State. Andrew Alexander with King Cake Snob says last year’s overall winner Manny Randazzo fell short of defending its crown.

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Since the contest began Alexander says they’ve seen bakeries not just concentrated in the New Orleans area be added to the list of consideration to the King Cake Snob competition.

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Alexander says not only does the survey rate King Cakes, but they also ask participants to admit to particular behaviors during the carnival season, so they learn a bit about King Cake connoisseurs.

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To view the results you can visit


One unique Mardi Gras celebration encourages its participants to catch a chicken. The Iowa Mardi Gras Run started in 1978 and the tradition is continuing today. Run captain Rodney Victorian says a parade rolls through town with floats, horses, and four-wheelers, looking for food contributions for a gumbo to be made at the end of the event.

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Victorian says with each stop, a live chicken is released and some of the younger participants will attempt to catch them.

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Victorian says the parade ends this afternoon at KC Hall with a zydeco dance and all the food donations being put into a pot and made into a gumbo.

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A pregnant Baton Rouge mother and her 7-year-old son are dead following a two-vehicle crash on I-10 near Belle Terre in St. John the Baptist Parish.  Trooper Monroe Dillon says the deceased were traveling eastbound on I-10 when for reasons under investigation, their Toyota Camry stopped in the left lane.

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The Camry driver 27-year-old Tyandra Lewis was six-months pregnant with twins.  Her 7-year-old was riding in the back seat.  There were also two passengers, 43-year-old Clarence Muse of Baton Rouge and his 3-year-old son, that were airlifted to area hospitals.  Dillon says an accident like this initially leaves everyone with more questions than answers as the investigation continues.

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The driver of the pickup truck, 39-year-old Willy Buchan of Tyler, Texas, was unharmed.  Seat belt usage is still pending, but Dillon says the message is clear that all occupants in a vehicle must be restrained, regardless of seating position.

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Mardi Gras means big community celebrations, but law enforcement warns revelers to be aware of their surroundings in an effort to keep from becoming a victim of pickpocketing.  Trooper Nick Manale says make sure to keep your belongings minimal.

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Over the course of the past weekend, troopers have made numerous arrests and recovered thousands of dollars in stolen items nabbed by pickpocket suspects.

Manale says always be mindful of where you place bags.

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Manale says never pat your pocket to see if your wallet is there.   This is an indication that criminals look for to figure out the precise location of valuables.

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