4:30 LRN Newscast Feb 24

Two riders in the Krewe of Thoth that were rushed to the hospital Sunday after falling from floats in two separate incidents were reportedly not wearing safety harnesses. One rider was leaning against the door at the rear of the float when it unexpectedly opened. The other rider was leaning over the side of the float handing out throws when he fell headfirst to the ground. The riders did not suffer serious injuries, and they were both listed in stable condition. Two people were killed in float related accidents last week.

The federal government has approved the state’s plan to spend one-point-two billion dollars in grant money that will be used to reduce the flood risk for several communities. Director of the Louisiana Office of Community Development, Pat Forbes says the Louisiana Watershed Initiative will work with regional steering communities to guide flood mitigation decisions and investments…

Cut 11 (08) “their communities”

The Edwards administration has indicated they would support a 500-dollar raise for teachers in an effort to get Louisiana teacher salaries closer to the southern regional average. Louisiana Federation of Teachers legislative director Cynthia Posey hopes lawmakers will see the value in paying teachers a good salary…
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A bill will be presented by Baton Rouge Senator Franklin Foil in the upcoming legislative session to add surveillance cameras in the classrooms to protect special needs students. If enacted parents can request school systems install cameras in the classrooms to monitor interactions. Foil believes cameras will clear up any questions parents have of what’s really going on in the classroom.

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