10:30 LRN Newscast

The rules and regulations for the state’s industrial hemp program are now finalized and the first license for industrial hemp has been issued. As part of the process, applicants have to undergo a background check. Ag Commissioner Mike Strain says the rules are guided by federal law.
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The planting season begins in mid-April.

A study commissioned by Louisiana’s Board of Regents recommends that a new law school should NOT be established in the Shreveport-Bossier region. Instead, Higher Education Commissioner Kim Hunter Reed says the report recommended that the region work to attract more attorneys to the Shreveport area…
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The fourth annual Mardi Gras Parade Horse Adoption Program is underway. Brooke Thorington has more.
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Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over is in effect for the remainder of the Carnival season. Louisiana Highway Safety Commission spokesperson Mark Lambert says the goal is to prevent fatal drunk driving crashes…
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In 2018- the latest year for available stats, two people were killed over the final days of the Mardi Gras season the lowest since 2012.