2:30 LRN Newscast

The Louisiana Department of Agriculture has begun issuing licenses for the production, processing and transportation of industrial hemp. Ag Commissioner Mike Strain is glad the regulatory framework has been finalized before planting season, which is between mid-April and early May…
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The first license went to the Powell Group, which owns several agricultural businesses.

A study commissioned by Louisiana’s Board of Regents finds there is a lack of evidence to warrant the establishment of a law school in Shreveport. Higher Ed Commissioner Kim Hunter Reed…
Cut 6 (10) “…conversation around dental.”
The state’s higher education board has also determined the region doesn’t need a dental school either.

The big Mardi Gras weekend has arrived and dozens of parades will roll this weekend. There will be a children’s parade in Alexandria tomorrow. Alexandria Convention and Visitor’s Bureau spokesperson Anne Savage says it’s perfect for a more laid back carnival experience.
Cut 12 (10) “…crowds.”
The parade will roll in downtown Alexandria at 10 AM.

Expect to see more law enforcement on the highways in an effort to crack down on intoxicated Carnival goers who get behind the wheel….
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