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The Board of Regents approves a new policy that could result in financial penalties for universities that do not comply with minimum admissions requirements for incoming students. LSU’s adoption of holistic admissions under former President Alexander saw the school push far past the limit of non-eligible student admissions and Higher Ed Commissioner Kim Hunter Reed says…

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58-year-old Geraldine Carmouche was killed last night at a New Orleans parade after reportedly trying to pass between two floats, tripping, and being run over. The incident has sparked some calls for new safety regulations to keep people away from floats, but New Orleans Councilwoman Kristian Palmer says it’s just not feasible.

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The Louisiana Lottery says the lack of massive Powerball and Mega Million jackpots recently results in fewer dollars for education.  Lottery spokesperson Kim Chopin says there is currently a rare, eight-month drought of multistate games rising into major jackpot territory, which has had an impact on ticket sales. Chopin believes some players are waiting until those jackpots hit a certain level before participating.

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The Louisiana Lottery is required to transfer at least 35 percent of its revenue to the state.

Summerfield High School Principal Brian Biggs is in the Claiborne Parish jail after being arrested this morning at his home for multiple sex crimes. State Police Trooper Brent Hardy says the investigation began after authorities were notified of concerned parents…

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