12:30 LRN Newscast February 20

58-year-old Geraldine Carmouche was killed last night at a New Orleans parade after reportedly trying to pass between two floats, tripping, and being run over. The incident has sparked some calls for new safety regulations, but New Orleans Councilwoman Kristian Palmer says it’s just not feasible.
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The last time a person was killed by a float at a New Orleans parade was 2008 as Endymion was entering the Superdome.

The lack of huge Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots means fewer dollars are going towards education. That’s according to Louisiana Lottery spokesperson Kim Chopin who says it’s been a while since a multi-state lottery has produced a jackpot over 400-million dollars. She says at least scratch-off ticket sales are up nearly four-percent…
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The Board of Regents has approved a new policy that could result in financial penalties for universities that do not comply with minimum admissions requirements for incoming students. Higher Ed Commissioner Kim Hunter Reed says a school will be flagged for review if they allow too many students in, who do not meet requirements like minimum GPA, or ACT.
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Reed says her staff worked on strengthening the policy for admission standards in response to LSU’s new holistic admission approach.