11:30 AM Newscast

AAA is warning of the potential impacts that legalization of recreational marijuana could have on Louisiana roadways ahead of the legislative session that begins in March.  AAA spokesperson Don Redman says in the five years prior to the state of Washington legalizing recreational use, 9% of drivers involved in fatal crashes tested positive for THC.

Cut 6 (11) “…impaired on marijuana.”

Redman says drivers are already very nonchalant about toking and driving as 70% think they won’t be caught.

Southern University has launched ALAFIA, a hemp-derived CBD product which can be found at eight of the state’s nine licensed medical-marijuana pharmacies. Executive director of Southern’s Institute for Medicinal Plants, Doctor Janana Snowden …
Cut 11 (10) “…purchase a product.”

There’s one with a low amount of T-H-C and the other without.

Former LSU star Tyrann Mathieu has taken a long road to play in the N-F-L’s biggest game, but the Honeybadger has made it and he’ll start at safety for the Kansas City Chiefs in Sunday’s Super Bowl. Mathieu says it would be humbling to be a Super Bowl champion…
Cut 13 (10) “…to him.”

Matthieu was a part of a stacked 2011 LSU defensive backfield featuring Eric Reid and Mo Claiborne.

Food delivery will be a big business Sunday and delivery service app Waitr spokesperson Dean Turcol says 1.3 billion chicken wings will be consumed this weekend, so it’s no surprise it’s historically the most ordered item in the app for Super Bowl Sunday.  Turcol says chicken nuggets, mozzarella sticks, quesadillas, chicken sandwiches, and salads also cracked the top ten.

Cut 5 (07) “…lot of silverware.”