2:30 PM Newscast

A storm system is churning in the Gulf of Mexico that will ultimately bring rain to the state.  By late tonight and into tomorrow morning, a warm front will begin moving in from the south.  State Climatologist Barry Keim says the rain potential is anywhere from about a half-inch up to perhaps three inches.
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Once the cold front sweeps through, it is going to usher out the rain and bring in some cold, clear conditions to Louisiana for Friday and through the weekend.
The Mercedes Benz Superdome is hosting the clash between Georgia and Baylor tonight for the Sugar Bowl. Sugar Bowl Chief Executive Officer Jeff Hundley says last night they started things off with two big-time musical acts…

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If you’re going, it’s highly recommended you Uber into the Quarter, as parking on New Year’s day is going to be a nightmare.

Minimum wage increases go into effect today in 24 states, but Louisiana is not one of them and remains one of a handful who’ve kept the federal minimum of 7.25 an hour. Louisiana Budget Project Executive Director Jan Moller says Legislative hostility to raising the wage runs counter to public opinion on the issue.

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81 percent of respondents in the 2019 Louisiana Survey supported a raise to 8.50 an hour, and 59 percent backed an increase to 15 dollars an hour.

About a quarter of Louisiana SNAP recipients will see a decrease in their benefits as a result of a Social Security cost of living benefit increase. DCFS Secretary for Family Support Sammy Guillory says the reason for the decrease is that SSI benefits are viewed as income, and the higher a person’s income, the lower their SNAP benefits. For example…

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