4:45 LRN Sportscast

The N-F-L Network reports that if Ravens defensive coordinator Don Martindale gets a job as a head coach, his top choice as offensive coordinator is LSU passing game coordinator Joe Brady. But LSU Coach Ed Orgeron remains confident Brady will stay in Baton Rouge once a new contract is finalized…
Cut 6 (10) “…LSU”
Orgeron also says senior linebacker Michael Divinity will play in the National Championship game against Clemson.

La Tech basketball had an impressive win last night to open up Conference USA play. The Bulldogs slammed Southern Miss 80 to 49. De Quan Bracey had 17 points. Kaleb Ledoux had 15 points off the bench and hit three-three points. Tech faces Southern Miss again on Saturday in Ruston.

Instead of winning two games, the Saints will have to win three to get to the Super Bowl in Miami. Who Dat nation is disappointed their team did not get a first-round bye, but Coach Sean Payton is excited about their match-up on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings…
Cut 16 (18) …for Sunday”
The Saints return to the practice field tomorrow.

National Transportation Safety Board Vice Chairman Bruce Landsberg says they hope to release a preliminary report in two weeks on last Saturday’s fatal plane crash that killed sports reporter Carley McCord, but the investigation will last much longer than that…
cut 15 (10) “…we need”
The N-T-S-B has video of the crash and they ask for anyone with audio of the plane as it was going down to come forward.