LRN Newscast 15:30 January 30, 2015

How does Mitt Romney’s decision not to run for president next year affect Governor Bobby Jindal? UL-Lafayette political science professor Pearson Cross says it could be a good thing, since there’s one less main-stream contender that Jindal has to compete against…:
CUT 9 (10) “conservative wing”
2016 would have been Romney’s third run at the White House.

High school principals voted to continue the current split brackets between public and private schools in the state football playoffs for at least another year. Many Principal Norman Booker would like to see the split extended to other sports and might bring that proposal back again next year, if he believes private schools have a compeitive advantage over public schools…
CUT 13 (09) Q: “drawing board”
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said today that New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson is in complete control, and a positive force in the league…
CUT 30 (11) Q: ‘what he’s doing’
Goodell was asked about the lawsuit filed against Benson by three family members. He called that dispute unfortunate.

Some Common Core developments, as some members of the BESE board would like to have a special meeting after receiving reports that some students are opting out from taking Common Core tests. It’s not clear district-to-district what that would mean for student promotion, but even so, BESE member Lottie Beebe says they want to be pro-active…
CUT 5 (04) Q: “their concerns”
Meanwhile Governor Bobby Jindal issued an executive order today to protect those parents and districts who opt out, suggesting alternate assessment tests be given.