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LSU is pushing to raising 1.5 billion dollars for all eight of it’s system locations, the largest ever education fundraising effort in state history. Matt Doyle has more.

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 Yahoo Sports says Baton Rouge basketball guru Shannon Foreman was the target of suspended LSU coach Will Wade’s “strong ass offer”, mentioned on a reported FBI wiretap…

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A Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s deputy is recovering from a gunshot wound, while two suspects are dead after a shooting during a drug bust outside of an IHOP restaurant in Gretna. Sheriff Joe Lopinto says undercover narcotics officers attempted buy drugs from a suspect, when the driver realized it was a sting, he tried to get away and backed into a deputy…

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A passenger in the vehicle was also shot and died of his injuries at a local hospital. Lopinto believes one of his deputies was hit by friendly fire…

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The deputy is in stable condition. Lopinto says an investigation is underway into the shooting as they make sure the ballistics matches up with what witnesses have said…

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LSU is launching the state’s largest ever education fundraising effort, aiming to raise 1.5 billion dollars for the entire LSU system. 60 percent of the funds raised will go towards academics, and the other 40 percent will fund athletics. LSU Foundation spokesperson Sarah Whitaker says giving money is an investment in the state’s future.

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1.35 billion will go towards academics, athletics, and alumni engagement at the flagship Baton Rouge campus, 146 million will focus on health and biomedical facilities, and 29 million will head to LSU Alexandria, Eunice, and Shreveport.

Whitaker says the “Fierce for the Future” campaign is the first to unite fundraising for all eight LSU campuses.

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Whitaker says instead of running separate fundraisers for each LSU entity, they believe the whole system will benefit from a united fundraising front.

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Since 2015 the system has raised 38 percent of it’s goal.


Yahoo Sports has identified the alleged recipient of suspended LSU basketball coach Will Wade’s “strong offer” as Baton Rouge influencer Shannon Forman. This comes via new wiretaps and emails from an ongoing corruption investigation. Tiger Rag associate editor Tyler Nunez says the documents remove a lot of doubt about Wade’s innocence, but…

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Wade reportedly caught on an FBI wiretap discussing the offer.

The report details emails to Dawkins claiming Foreman “has Javonte Smart”. Nunez says Smart has previously referred to Foreman as a mentor, who is considered a Baton Rouge basketball guru

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Foreman played for John Calipari at Memphis. Calipari would have his last season at that school invalidated due to allegedly fabricating SAT results from recruit Derrick Rose.

The report mentions phone calls from Wade to now convicted felon Christian Dawkins about Foreman rejecting the offer because Foreman “didn’t get enough of the piece of the pie” and the offer was “slanted towards taking care of the mom, taking care of the kid.” Nunez says that seems to be fairly incriminating, but it’s not official until an April trial.

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AAA estimates the average price of gallon of regular this this spring will be 20 cents lower than it was last year, and a study shows that could encourage as many as one in three Americans to take an additional road trip. Fuel analyst Don Redman says that’s some nice savings for families spending their days out on the road.

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Redman says if you decide to take a camper or SUV out on the road for an extended adventure, those savings could add up to 200 dollars by the end of your trip.

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The study also found that lower prices incentivize one in ten drivers to purchase traditionally more expensive specialty gasoline. Redman says the organization recently completed an extensive study that showed many of the higher grade gasoline options are worth the money…

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Redman says before buying non-regular gas, read your owner’s manual