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NFL Coaches can now challenge questionable pass interference plays until the last two minutes and then it’s subject to a booth review. Heading into the NFL owners meetings, there was resistance in expanding replay use for penalties, but Saints Coach Sean Payton says after some convincing, there’s majority support for pass interference calls

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Saints Owner Gayle Benson vowed to make changes to the NFL rulebook after the team felt they were denied a chance at playing for a Super Bowl, because of a non-pass interference call.
The Louisiana Dairy Industry is having a cow over the rise of almond “milk”, saying the label is not accurate, so Delhi Senator Francis Thompson has filed a bill to prohibit non-dairy products from describing themselves as milk. Thompson says the bill would help protect local farmers.

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Louisiana received 82 million dollars in federal funds to fight the opioid epidemic in 2018, a 71 percent increase from 2017. Matt Doyle has more.

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State Fire Marshal investigators are on the scene of a fire that left two children dead and three others injured in the Franklinton area. First responders got to the blaze around 12:45 am. The two children who passed away were ages 10 and 6. The remaining three were airlifted to Baton Rouge hospitals for treatment. Deputies are currently conducting their investigation into the origin and cause of the fire.