6:30 LRN Newscast March 27

A new poll on the governor’s race shows John Bel Edwards at 44%, but Republican challenger Ralph Abraham not far behind at 33%. Abraham’s campaign funded the survey. UL Lafayette Political Science Professor Pearson Cross says the poll also shows Abraham with a 23-point lead over fellow Republican candidate Eddie Rispone, who is at 10%. Cross says Abraham can use the survey to help in fundraising…
Cut 7 (10) “…Democratic Governor.”
The gubernatorial primary is in October.

NFL owners voted last night to expand instant replay so pass interference calls can be reviewed and allowing coaches to challenge non-calls for P-I. It’s in response to the non-pass interference call in the NFC Title game.

The Bipartisan Policy Report has released a report that shows how states use federal dollars to address the opioid epidemic. Chief medical adviser Anand Parekh credits Governor Edwards’ Medicaid expansion with getting treatment into areas hardest hit by the epidemic…
cut 14 (07) “….treatment”
Medicaid spent a projected 28 million dollars on opioid treatment drugs and naloxone in 2018.

The Louisiana Dairy Industry is having a cow over the rise of almond “milk”, saying the label is not accurate, so Delhi Senator Francis Thompson has filed a bill to prohibit non-dairy products from describing themselves as milk. Thompson says the false advertising tricks some into buying the less nutritious dairy alternative.
Cut 4 (10) “…cows milk.”
A cup of Almond milk is lower in calories and higher in calcium than a cup of two percent dairy milk, but contains less protein and other nutrients.