LRN PM Newscall March 26

Louisiana pharmacists are demanding that medical marijuana be available to eligible patients by May 15th. Brooke Thorington has more…

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Today is Diabetes Alert Day which is meant to bring awareness to testing for prediabetes. Kevin Barnhart has more…

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After repeated delays, the Louisiana Association of Therapeutic Alternatives has demanded that medical marijuana be available by May 15th. Nearly four years ago the state legislature approved the framework for dispensing and L-A-T-A executive director Jesse McCormick says it’s time for the product to hit the shelves…

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The L-A-T-A  group made their request at a stakeholders meeting that involved the licensed pharmacists, the contracted growers and state ag commissioner Mike Strain. G-B Sciences is working with LSU on growing medicinal pot and they say a first batch could be available in May and McCormick says that’s good to hear…

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Strain is not willing to commit to the May 15th deadline. He says that’s because it will be up to his office to make sure the product is safe. But McCormick says they believe May 15th is a workable deadline…

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NFL owners are discussing proposals to expand the use of instant replay and challenges, inspired by the infamous “Nola No Call” in the NFC Championship game. Seven potential changes have been suggested, but new rules regarding instant replay might not be approved until May. Saints owner Gayle Benson…

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The changes are being discussed in Scottsdale, Arizona at the league’s annual meeting.

The historically change-averse NFL leadership has expressed hesitation about any officiating overhauls in the past, mainly citing concerns about adding additional time to the already lengthy broadcasts. Saints president Dennis Lauscha says that concern is one of the biggest hurdles they face.

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Saints coach Sean Payton called concerns about reviews adding time to the game a “boogeyman” with no numbers to back it up.

Payton, who sits on the competition committee, has led the charge for replay expansion. The coach says the NFL cannot fear change, and warned leadership about the dangers another blown call in a significant game could pose to the league’s image and integrity.

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Today is Diabetes Alert Day, a day where Americans are encouraged to find out if they are at-risk for pre-diabetes. According to the CDC, 1 in 3 Americans have prediabetes and 90% don’t know they have it. Outpatient Medical Center diabetes prevention projector coordinator Cynthia Parker says someone can get tested quickly online.

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Parker says if someone is at high risk for diabetes, they are more at risk for other health issues as well.

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Parker says prediabetes is a serious health condition and it serves as a warning that you are at risk for type-2 diabetes, and says it can be reversed with lifestyle changes with eating healthier and exercise.

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The Office of Juvenile Justice cut the ribbon on a new, modern rehabilitation facility in Bunkie today after months of delays. The first 12 incarcerated youths will be housed in the facility which is set to expand over the next few months to 72 beds. Deputy Secretary Dr. James Bueche says it’s based on the “Missouri Model”.

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The Acadiana Center for Youth was allocated four million dollars to start by legislators to get it’s operations off the ground.

Testing in other states has shown that kids who participate in programs that are less punitive, and more oriented towards rehabilitation, are less likely to end up in the adult prison system later in life. Bueche says that change starts by rehabbing kids in a smaller, more focused environment.

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Bueche says they plan to use this model moving forward for all new facilities, and plan to help pay for future construction using the savings you can generate from housing youths in the smaller rehabilitation centers.

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Those new facilities may be needed sooner rather than later, as an LSU study predicts the juvenile prison population will increase by 67 people in 2020 when 17-year-old violent offenders are no longer prosecuted as adults.