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House Appropriations Chairman Cameron Henry is proposing a budget that covers the 1,000 dollar teacher and 500 dollar support staff pay raise sought by Governor Edwards. Matt Doyle has more…

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Governor Edwards will be in Bunkie this morning along Juvenile Justice Officials attending the long awaited ribbon cutting ceremony for the Acadiana Center for Youth. The new state of the art juvenile dormitory will specialize in treating violent teenagers. The 72-bed facility in Bunkie is radically different from others in the state because it’s based on a therapeutic approach which focuses on more rehabilitation versus punishment.


Women in coastal southeast Louisiana are still experiencing trauma almost a decade after the oil spill, that’s according to A LSU Health New Orleans School of Public Health study. Lead author Dr. Ed Peters says many of the women studied are also not seeking the proper care for their mental health.

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Nearly two-thousand women were among the study

With the arrival of spring and summer approaching, the likelihood of crossing paths with young birds that appear to be in distress rises. While the temptation for some to scoop them up in an effort to assist the animal is there, many times what appears to be trouble is actually quite natural for fledglings. LDWF bird biologist Melissa Collins…

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Collins adds if someone still feels that a bird is in trouble, they should contact LDWF before attempting to handle the animal.