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The US Justice Department says they’ve reviewed the Mueller report, and say it’s conclusion is that there was no collusion between President Trump and the Russian government in the 2016 election. The investigation resulted in 34 other indictments, but Minority Whip Steve Scalise Scalise says the core accusation of Russian collusion was nothing but a bad faith effort by Democrats to impeach the President.
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But Democratic political consultant Mary Patricia-Wray says President Trump still faces a series of other inquiries into his finances, including an investigation by the District Attorney of Southern New York into potential tax evasion. The consultant says the Mueller Report shouldn’t excuse the President’s other misdeeds.
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Pediatricians and the American Heart Association call for regulations to reduce the consumption of sugary drinks by kids. Dr. John Maa with the American Heart Association says says for the first time, the AAP is calling for a tax on sugary drinks, among other measures.
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Data shows that children and teens get 17% of their calories come from added sugars. Nearly half of those are coming from drinks alone, with children consuming an average of 30 gallons of sugary drinks annually.
A West Carroll Parish woman faces life in prison after she allegedly shot and killed one person and critically injured two others early Saturday morning at a bar in Lake Providence. State Police Trooper Michael Reichardt says the investigation is ongoing.
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