7:30 LRN March 5

Louisiana Department of Health Dr. Joseph Kanter says about 12 percent of the visits to the doctor right now are for flu like symptoms. Kanter says it appears that flu season is right around its peak, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get vaccinated if you haven’t already.

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Officials say it takes two weeks for the vaccine to take effect.


The man accused of fatally shooting LSU Basketball player Wayde Sims is seeking a reduction in his bail of 350,000 dollars. Dyteon Simpson sent a hand written letter to the judge stating that he’s totally remorseful.


Legal analyst Franz Borghardt says letter may actually hurt his case for a lower bail, because it sounds awfully close to an admission

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Simpson described himself as a father of a five-month-old who is “very productive and independent.”


Why catch beads when you can run around and try to catch chickens?  That’s what is happening to celebrate Mardi Gras today in Eunice.  Kevin Barnhart has the story.

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A college application mistake has made a Lafayette teen an overnight celebrity and given her an opportunity she wasn’t looking for. Kaitlynn Lovelady meant to apply for summer classes at South Louisiana Community College but accidently applied to Salt Lake Community College in Salt Lake City Utah instead. She tweeted about her mistake and instead of forgoing $40 application oversight she’s going to visit the campus.