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It’s the first week of March, but it feels more like the middle of January. Jeff Palermo has more on this cold blast…
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The weekend may be in the rear view mirror, but the celebration of Mardi Gras continues. Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser says there are many ways to celebrate in each part of the state. It’s not always all about catching plastic beads.
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The Louisiana Board of Regents will be awarding grants to ten schools in an effort to find ways to make textbooks more affordable. Board of Regents Deputy Commissioner for Strategic Communication Meg Casper Sunstrom says the total amount distributed is $67,500.
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Non-violent 17-year-olds who are arrested, starting this month, will no longer be treated as an adult, but put through he juvenile justice system. Office of Juvenile Justice Deputy Secretary Dr. James Bueche says while they don’t expect to get any new arrivals until mid-month, it’ll be a smooth process because they won’t be treated any differently.
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Louisiana was previously part of a small minority of states to prosecute minors as adults in all cases.