130PM LRN News

Authorities suspect the plane that lost contact with the tower yesterday shortly after launching from the Shreveport Downtown Airport may be located just north of the airport in the Red River. A local company has leased a barge that is set to park near the suspected crash site and a team of commercial divers from Morgan City will be on scene for 7pm tonight. Caddo Parish Sherriff Spokesperson Cindy Chadwick says so far though, they have yet to catch a glimpse of the plane.

Cut 10, 8 seconds, the water

KTBS reports a bystander saw fuel floating on the water at that location.

Mardi Gras celebrations continue around the state. In Lafayette, the weekend festivities get kicked off Friday night, with parades on Saturday. Executive Director of Convention and Visitors Commission Ben Berthelot says says the party doesn’t stop when the family friendly parades are finished as the area offers plenty of great nightlife.

Cut 4 (09) “…Downtown Lafayette.″

Louisiana has declared a state of emergency as the Mississippi River approaches flood levels. The Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness spokesperson Mike Steele says says there are no major problems looming but those living in flood-prone areas should be ready for a battle of attrition this rain season…

Cut 7 (10) “…long time.”

The Louisiana Democratic Party has filed public information requests to verify a claim made by Republican Congressman Clay Higgins that he’s arrested “several thousand men” in his time in law enforcement. Executive Director Stephen Handwerk says it was a troubling claim that was either untruthful, or demonstrative of something much worse.

Cut 13 (12) “…of power.”

A Higgins spokesperson responded, saying the Congressman served ten years in law enforcement, making many arrests.