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The WW2 Museum is sending an expeditionary force to Natchitoches to tell the story of Louisiana’s contributions to the Arsenal of Democracy. Matt Doyle has more.

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A host of Louisiana’s most powerful politicians and lobbyists are in DC this week for this year’s Washington Mardi Gras. Matt Doyle has more.

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There may be a lack of interest in seeing the Rams and the Pats in the Super Bowl throughout Louisiana, but some businesses are still throwing a party and watching the Saints play in the big game… from 2010.  Kevin Barnhart has the story.

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A new WW2 exhibit is opening in Natchitoches today that highlights the struggles and triumphs of 280,000 Louisiana citizens who contributed to the victory over the Axis Powers through military service nearly eight decades ago. The display is produced by the WW2 Museum in New Orleans, one of the finest museums on earth…

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That’s Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser who says The Pelican State Goes to War: Louisiana in World War II is a treasure that showcases the lives of Bayou State soldiers, and those on the Homefront who built the engines of war that toppled the Nazis and Japanese…

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The showcase will delve into the histories of Flying Tiger Commander Claire Chennault, civil rights leader and 761st Tank Battalion member Richard English, and others.

Nungesser hopes the success of the WW2 Museum’s northern expedition to the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame in Natchitoches will convince locals to take the trip south to see the rest of the institution’s wonders.

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The exhibit will open with a reception from 5 to 8pm this evening, and a performance by the Victory Belles, a vocal trio that sings classics from the 40s.


Louisiana movers and shakers are temporarily migrating north for the winter for this year’s Washington Mardi Gras. The celebration started Thursday and ends Sunday, and features the governor, congressmen, and a host of lobbyists and industry leaders. DC Mardi Gras King Ray Brandt says it’s a packed schedule.

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The event is hosted by the Louisiana Congressional Delegation.

Brandt says after several days of wining and dining in DC, thousands of party-goers will descend on the Hilton Saturday night for the indoor parade, led by Captain Steve Scalise.

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The event has been in action most years since the 40s.

The get-together comes just before a heated gubernatorial race is set to take shape in Louisiana that sees the only democratic governor in the south fighting to keep his seat in a ruby red state. Brandt hopes leaders will use the gathering to find bi-partisan solutions.

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The Mystick Krewe of Louisianians runs the event.


Until the conclusion of the NFC Championship, many throughout Louisiana had plans of watching the Black and Gold this Sunday compete in the Big Game.  However, some sports bars and restaurants are going to make sure those plans stay intact by throwing a watch party of Super Bowl 44, where the Saints became NFL Champions. Owner of Tracy’s in New Orleans, Jeffrey Carraras says it’ll be a party without this year’s big game.

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Carraras says there will be plenty of activities for Who Dats that may not want to watch any football.

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Meanwhile in Lafayette, Fast Eddie, host of the Big Morning Show on Big 102.1 says his station has taken over Smitty’s Wings on Congress Street to watch the encounter between the Saints and the Colts from 2010.  Eddie says they are going to treat it like it’s a live game.

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Fast Eddie says the party has gotten plenty of media attention, so they are predicting a packed house.  He adds if you’ve still got frustrations to take out because of the NFL’s handling of the NFC title game, this party has you covered.

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Even Governor Edwards has chimed in, saying he doesn’t know of anyone in the entire state interested in watching this year’s big game in Atlanta, adding he’ll likely find something on Netflix this Sunday.


There are probably not many Saints fans watching the Super Bowl, and even fewer rooting for the Rams, but in North Louisiana that might not be the case as former West Monroe football standout Andrew Whitworth is competing in the big game.  Senator Mike Walsworth says he’s known Whitworth a very long time, and the general vibe of his old stomping grounds is that community is rooting for him this weekend.

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Walsworth says the Rams NFC Championship win at the Superdome is just the latest victory he’s scored in the venue dating back to winning championships in high school and college.

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Walsworth says it’s easy to not make Whitworth the target of vitriol because he’s given back plenty to the community, has his own foundation in the area, and most importantly, it wasn’t his fault the Saints are not in the Super Bowl.

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The 19th ranked LSU Basketball team just completed its first undefeated January in nearly 40 years and now they’ll look to start February off on the right note when they host Arkansas on Saturday. The Tigers already brought down the Hogs earlier this season when they beat them in overtime in Fayetteville. Coach Will Wade on the rematch

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The Tigers have won 10 in a row, Wade says his team has a good away about themselves

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After losing four straight SEC games, Arkansas has won its last two. Wade says the Razorbacks are an up and coming team…

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