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The Diocese of Baton Rouge released the names today of 37 clergy members who have been credibly accused of abuse involving children. Bishop Michael Duca says he’s heard some victims share their stories and there are no words to express the depth of their sadness and shame. He imagines today could be a difficult day for victims who never came forward

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Baton Rouge is the third diocese to reveal the names of clergy who have been credibly accused of abuse. New Orleans and Houma are the other two.

A 16-year-old Houma boy is dead after 74-year-old Lawrence Legnon allegedly ran a stop sign yesterday afternoon on LA 311. Authorities says they do not know if either of the drivers were intoxicated, and charges have yet to be filed in the incident. State Police Trooper Jesse LaGrange says they do not know why Legnon ran the stop sign shortly before the wreck.

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The loss of excitement in Sunday’s Super Bowl is not just contained to Louisiana.  A national poll shows compared to last year, the number of people intrigued with the big game is down quite significantly. Half of those polled have zero interest in the game, which is up from 45% last year. Pollster Ron Faucheux says ultimately, this could be a concern to the league if it becomes a concern to advertisers.

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Don’t tell Pelicans Coach Alvin Gentry the NBA franchise plays second fiddle to the Saints. A recent report said one reason for Anthony Davis’ trade demands is that the Saints are more of a priority for ownership. Gentry points to the world-class practice facility the Bensons built for the team. He says it really upsets him that people would think the Pelicans are treated like second class citizens…

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Gentry made the remarks following Wednesday’s loss to Denver.