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The Baton Rouge Archdiocese has released a list of priests who they feel have been linked to credible allegations of abuse. The 39 names are available on their website, along with the location they served at.

A section of gypsum containment wall in Convent holding back 720 million gallons of acidic and lightly radioactive wastewater is in danger of failing, potentially releasing contaminated water into the nearby Blind River, which feeds Lake Mauraspas. The 139 acre, 30-40 foot deep lake of waste is the by-product of a Mosaic fertilizer plant. Department of Environmental Quality Spokesperson Greg Langley.

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The Mississippi River is also visible from the wastewater lake in St. James Parish. The initial discovery was made by a farmer who grew sugar cane adjacent to the acidic pool of wastewater. A few weeks ago he noted the wall had been creeping outward.

It’s not just who-dats who’ve lost interest in the Rams-Pats Super Bowl showdown, excitement over this Sunday’s Big Game has dipped.  Kevin Barnhart has the story.

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