4:30 PM Newscast

Saints head coach Sean Payton spoke publicly today for the first time since one of the darkest days in the history of Louisiana sports, the NFC Championship loss against the LA Rams now known as the Bayou Burglary. Payton says teams encounter disappoints throughout the season, but as tough as this one is, they’ll get past it.
Cut 4 (11) “…at it again.″

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell addressed the controversial NFC Championship no-call today at a press conference, saying he understands the fans’ frustrations, and that it was a “play we want to have called”. Goodell noted that suggestions that no-calls should be challengeable have been met with significant resistance in the past, due to the complicated and unforeseen consequences of such a significant expansion of officiating oversight.
Cut 8 (11) “no flag”


The eastbound side of the I-210 Bridge in Lake Charles will be shut down for the next several months while it undergoes extensive repair work starting at 9PM today. In the meantime, traffic will be maintained in both directions, but on the westbound side. DOTD spokesperson Tammy York says drivers approaching the structure should expect some new traffic diversions.

Cut 9 (12) “outside lane″

Gueydan High School in Vermilion Parish reopened today following a two-day closure for a bat infestation.  The initial bat sightings lead school leaders to believe it was a small problem, but Vermilion Schools Superintendent Jerome Puyau says they learned there were about 600 bats inhabiting the school.

Cut 12 (09)   “…clusters of hundreds.”