7:30 LRN Newscast January 29

We only saw light snow for about an hour in parts of Louisiana this morning, but cold weather is sticking around. State Climatologist Barry Keim…
Cut 7 (09) “…and Monroe.”
We are looking at even colder temperatures tomorrow morning, as lows will get down into the upper 20s in north Louisiana and just below the freezing mark in south Louisiana.

A LSU Health New Orleans doctor says they’ve seen an improvement in brain metabolism in a patient with Alzheimer’s Disease who received treatment with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Director of Hyperbaric Medicine Doctor Paul Harch says the treatment not only halted, but it also temporarily reversed the disease’s progression…
cut 6 (11) “….Alzheimer’s”
Harch says the results suggest the possibility of treating Azheimer’s long-term with hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Gueydan High School in Vermilion Parish is closed today and it’s not because there was a chance of winter weather. Hundreds of bats have invaded the school and they were seen flying around in the hallways yesterday. Schools officials believe the bats got in through a vent and they’ve been told to let them leave naturally, before closing up any openings into the school.

A new era of postseason is coming for the Louisiana High School Athletic Association as beginning next year, select schools will hold their championship games in football, basketball, baseball and softball at separate venues from public schools. LHSAA Executive Director Eddie Bonine says he also wants to address the issue of teams with just a few victories making the playoffs…
cut 12 (12) “…earn it”
Bonine wants to form a committee to come up with new playoff bracket ideas.