AM Newscall 01.29.19

An LSU Health New Orleans doctor says he’s seen a notable, and measureable increase in quality of life for an Alzheimer patient who underwent a series of hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions….

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The vote by LHSAA principals to hold private school state championship games at a separate venue from the public schools creates another dilemna for the leadership of high school athletics.

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LSU sports fans may soon be paying a little more to cheer on the Bayou Bengals.  Kevin Barnhart has the story.

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Alzheimer sufferers potentially have some great news out of LSU Health New Orleans: A patient who underwent hyperbaric oxygen therapy showed a big improvement in their mental and physical faculties. Director of Hyperbaric Medicine Dr. Paul Harch says the patient reported increased quality of life, and a brain scan showed a 38 percent increase in brain metabolism after undergoing the restorative therapy.

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The patient was a 58-year-old woman who had experienced five years of cognitive decline.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has caught on in sports medicine and other healing focused fields, but this is one of the first looks at its benefits in relation to cognitive disorders. Harch says patients will undergo 40 sessions at 50 minutes each of a very unique kind of therapy.

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The report, which can be found in the journal Medical Gas Research, indicated the patient saw a reoccurrence of symptoms two months after the treatment.

Harch cautioned that this was not a formal study or clinical trial, but the limited sample size does give reason to be optimistic.

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Alzheimer’s is the sixth leading cause of death in America.


It is absolutely frigid out there right now, and according to the forecast it could stay this way for potentially the next two days. State Climatologist Barry Keim says some parts of the state could be in for below freezing temperatures today, and the rest of the state won’t be too much warmer than that.

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And you might want to keep that jacket handy for tomorrow’s commute, because while it’s in the upper 20s to low thirties today, it’ll be even worse tomorrow.

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Keim says it’s the kind of weather where you need to make sure you bring any plants and animals inside so they don’t freeze while the temperatures plummet, and for north Louisiana residents, you may want to consider wrapping your pipes if the temperature stays below 30 for an extended period.

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Now that private schools can hold state championship games at sites separate from public schools, it’s up to LHSAA leadership to make it work. The significant change goes into effect for the 2019-20 athletic season. LHSAA executive director Eddie Bonine says the details have to be worked out…

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LHSAA principals voted to give select schools the authority to choose where championship games will be held in the sports of football, basketball, baseball and softball. Teurlings Catholic principal Mike Boyer envisions title games played on college campuses or on school campuses of the higher seed. Bonine says the site selection will need LHSAA approval…

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Boyer disagrees, he believes select schools have complete autonomy over where a championship game will be held. Bonine says one area he really wants to address over the coming months, is making sure teams with poor winning percentages don’t qualify for the playoffs, which has been a problem since the initial split in football went into effect in 2013…

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The LSU Board of Supervisors approves a new pricing structure for football and baseball, the first price change since 2014 and 2015 respectively.  The new pricing structure is designed to better reflect demand and market value.  LSU ticket manager Brian Broussard says in Tiger Stadium, they’ve identified the areas that consumers are willing to take on the bigger price tag.

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Broussard says prices will not be increasing for students.  In fact, in some areas, they may see a cost savings.

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Broussard says they expect the pricing structure change to see an increase in revenue at the box office.

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Tradition fund and season ticket holders will be notified of details regarding their individual seat tickets in mid-February.  Baseball season tickets will be adjusted beginning in 2020 with only grandstand tickets being increased.



The Pelicans All-Star forward Anthony Davis’s trade request means the franchise is likely set to have a 6’10 hole in its roster in the near future, which has suddenly become a lot more uncertain without the organization’s presumed cornerstone. All-Star guard Jrue Holiday, who is under contract through 2022, says the team got the heads up yesterday morning just before the news broke.

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There’s no guarantee Davis will be traded before he gets healthy again and enters the starting lineup. Drew says even though the team knows The Brow isnt coming back, it won’t be awkward playing with him until a potential trade manifests.

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Drew says watching the Pels future upended is a familiar feeling. He went through the same thing six years ago when he was traded to join Davis in New Orleans from Philly.

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